Sunday, April 27, 2008

Skye is in Indiana/Chicago working on wedding stuff, so I am single this weekend. I had a great time at a grad student party celebrating the recent Ph.Ds, and I slept for most of yesterday. When I wasn't sleeping, I was figuring out (portions of) Fourier series and partial differential equations, two areas of math I should have known about a long time ago. In fact, one of my undergraduate advisors told me that everyone should see Fourier series before going to graduate school. Oops.

Other than that, I ran, shot baskets, read, watched the new episode of Battlestar Galactica, played some guitar, learned some Norwegian, and watched the Suns destroy the Spurs. Only 3 more to go - c'mon Phoenix.

Here is a double dose of Sam Cassell:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I have been called out on my lack of weblogging...and rightfully so.

The first game of the Spurs-Suns series was one of the best games I have ever seen. It was a double-overtime game where everyone (Finley, Nash, Ginobili, Duncan) seemed to make the big shot. The problem I have is this: before Duncan's big shot, why didn't the Suns foul? I can understand why they waited a bit, but it seems like Shaq should have fouled Ginobili as soon as he crossed the three point line. Three things can happen here, two of which are good for the Suns. First, Ginobili might not get a shot off. In this case, Ginobili gets two free throws, and the Spurs need to get the ball back (with maybe 2 seconds left, max) to tie the game. Second, Ginobili could shoot and miss, in which case he would still get only 2 free throws. Third, he could shoot and make it, which is a problem for the Suns. However, this is SHAQ AGAINST GINOBILI. Shaq could foul him hard (but legally) enough so that he has no way of making a 15 footer.

The only other drawback to this plan is that Shaq fouls out, and he would be nice to have if Ginobili shoots free throws and misses. I can live with that, though.

Skye and I are seeing Northern State on Wednesday. They were recently listed as the 12th worst rappers ever, right behind Shaquille O'Neal. Northern State was robbed - Hesta Prynne is a lyrical genius.

BSG is still good.

I saw The Hood Internet last night at Boston College. They do good work, and people were loving the show. It was interesting for me, though. I hadn't considered that I was going to go to a college party that night. It was interesting figuring out how to interact with the crowd. I am guessing that they probably didn't want to hang out with a professor, although maybe they didn't care. In some ways, I felt like I was crashing their party. In another way, I thought - screw it, I'm on the guest list, so I AM the party.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


In the past month, I saw Bob Mould (my absolute favorite musician in high school) and The Lemonheads (Jocko's absolute favorite band in high school). Both musicians played a lot of their old songs (the "favorites"), and I enjoyed both concerts. I am afraid that I am entering the phase of my life where I will soon be seeing a Guided by Voices/REO Speedwagon double bill at the Mohegan Sun casino.

The Lemonheads were last night. He started off by playing, in its entirety in order, It's a Shame About Ray (sans "Mrs. Robinson"). Then he played some older stuff. It was good, although I was hoping for Juliana Hatfield siting. In fact, I was hoping that she would be playing bass. Still good, though.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Back to School

Spring break is done, and I am back to school. The first day went well - I went home a little early to do some work there, and then largely just cooked and did laundry. Then I watched a little bit of Firefly, in spite of the fact that I am trying not to watch too much TV right now. I guess that I might have to give up on that. At least Firefly is only 14 episodes long (plus the movie).

I am keeping up with my work now, and I am also playing basketball. I found a mechanical flaw in my shot on Friday, and fixed it completely. I have been shooting the lights out on Friday and today. Now, I mainly just need to practice a lot to make it completely unconscious.

I am really excited about basketball. This is the second best that I have ever shot the ball, thanks largely to the improved form (it is all about mechanics in pretty much any sport). I think that I might be able to match what I was doing in my 3rd year of graduate school soon, when I entertained the idea of walking onto my Division I school's basketball team (There is a decent chance that I wouldn't have made it, but the school's team is tailor made for me).

Tonight: The Lemonheads do It's a Shame About Ray. I am excited to see them, and I have never seen them live before. Of course, I am a little concerned that it is all a joke - Evan Dando seems like he might try an April Fool's joke out on the city of Boston.