Monday, January 25, 2010

So the Vikings lost. At least they did it in a way that did not break my heart. In 2000, they lost 41-0, completely underachieving. In 1998, they lost by playing almost perfectly until the last field goal. In 2009, they lost by simultaneously playing well and playing horribly; they would look great until they fumbled. So they gave me hope without giving me too much hope. I thank you, 2009 Minnesota Vikings, for that.

I fully planned on rooting for the winner of the NFC Championship at the Super Bowl. However, I am planning on rooting for the Colts for the following reasons:

  1. The Saints are not the best team in the NFC. They should have destroyed the Vikings, considering how many turnovers the Vikings had. They did not earn my support. (Note: I am not claiming that the Vikings are the best team, either. I think that there probably were no good NFC teams, although I am going to pretend like the best team in the NFC just somehow missed the playoffs. Let's just assume that Atlanta was the best).
  2. I think that the Saints were playing dirty. I really think that they were trying to hurt Favre on a couple of those plays (they had three personal fouls within 30 minutes of gametime—ridiculous).

I could also add that I have relatively new-found respect for Manning (as with everyone else) and that my wife is from Indiana, but that is not why.

Go Colts!

Friday, January 22, 2010

We finished BSG, meaning that I have now seen all of my favorite series at least twice. I think that this is a sign of a life well-lived.

It is a social weekend. We are going to have the Rockroads over for dinner tomorrow (first time hosting with the baby) and my parents over for the Vikings game on Sunday.

After trying to get football out of my life, I have found myself extremely interested in the playoffs (the Vikings have something to do with this). I have watched several (portions of the) playoff games, and have been really enjoying following the games via podcasts (Bill Simmons, in particular). I am really happy that three of the four teams are likable; I came around on Peyton Manning a while ago (maybe it was when I moved away from New England), and it is tough not to be happy for the Saints. I am not a fan of the Jets. Still, I am not sure that football is "good" for society. I will worry about this after this postseason, though.

I have never liked any of the New York teams, with the exception of the Mets in the early '90s. I am not sure why this is, although I find it curious: I liked Boston teams growing up, and I disliked New York teams. When I grew up, I found that I really like the city of Boston, while I really do not care for the city of New York. In fact, I tend to prefer Boston bands over New York bands, although this is not nearly as polarized (e.g. I really like Interpol).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

OMG! Radiolab just did a show on animal minds! I love it.

One more day in my very busy first week of class (two meetings, prep, and subbing for two extra classes). So far, Skye and I have been working well with Blueberry when I am gone for 8 hours per day. The main goal right now is to make sure that Skye and Blueberry get enough sleep. (Right now he is sleeping next to me in a wrap. Great stuff).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Upcoming television events: Lost on February 2nd, and Caprica on January 22nd. I think that this will be the only television I keep up with this semester, although maybe I am forgetting something. I missed Dollhouse last semester, so we will have to Netflix it.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

I fell in love with a song last night. This rarely happens, but I love it when it does. What normally happens in this situation is that I will listen to an album several times without necessarily paying attention to the songs. Eventually, I will listen to the album again, not pay attention, but a song will jump out and punch me in the neck (in a good way).

The first time I remember this happening was in graduate school when I suddenly heard "Ellen West" by Throwing Muses with new ears. It was after midnight, and I listened to the song repeatedly for at least an hour.

The second times was when I was driving to visit my parents from graduate school. "Flood" by Throwing Muses clicked for me tnen, and I listened to the song for most of the ride home.

The third time was when I was a post-doc. I was in the library listening to my iPod Shuffle, and "The Con" by Tegan and Sara attached itself to my brain.

Last night? "The Ocean" by Tegan and Sara. I was working on my class for next semester, again after midnight, and I had to listen to the song repeatedly.

It seems as if Tegan and Sara and Throwing Muses are the only bands that do this to me. I had a similar experience at the album level with Antics by Interpol, but that is a different thing. I still really like all of the songs, but not as much as I liked them at those moments.

Friday, January 08, 2010

My son slept on my chest for 6 hours tonight. About 3 hours were while watching BSG, and the rest of the time was reading about cooperative learning. It was a good night.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Commericial seen today:

Bald, Goateed Guy: The Malibu is more fuel-efficient than the Camry.
Howie Long: Yeah, I read that the EPA estimate is 33 miles per gallon. It says that right on the window.
Bald, Goateed Guy: Really? Then why does it cost so much less than the other cars?
Howie Long: Because it's a Chevy.

That is not necessarily good logic, Backdraft.

Bald, Goateed Guy: This bag of dirt has fewer Calories than the average meal at Spago.
Howie Long: Yeah, everybody knows that.
Bald, Goateed Guy: Really? Then why does it cost so much less?
Howie Long: Because it's a bag of dirt.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

The holidays are over, and everyone survived. We had a couple of great Christmases, and a non-eventful New Year's. Thankfully, most of the family has decided on a policy of "presents for babies, but no presents or charitable donations only for adults." I think that this is wonderful.

Skye and I (and Blueberry) are wrapping up season 3 of BSG. I find so many of the characters to be admirable. It is a joy to watch, even though the plots are often sad.